Is Your Friendship in the Right Direction? 6 Signs of A Good Friendship


We all have friends with whom we celebrate various occasions of our life. But, do you have a good friendship with all of them? A possible answer to this question might be negative. In life, we meet many people; some are temporary, and few of them make a permanent space in our lives. So, how do you judge who your true friends are? There are signs of good friendship, and if you can see those signs in a person, you find a good friend for life. 

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Signs Of Good Friendship One Must Lookout For 

Good friendship is way too much different from an ordinary one. People often fail to distinguish between who is a close friend and who is just an acquaintance. But, here, we have listed six signs that help you understand the right meaning of good friendship. 

Emphatic Listener 

There are times in life when you need someone to listen to you. A person with whom you can share your deepest and darkest secrets without being judged. If that kind of a friend you have, then it is a blessing in disguise. It is very important to have someone who understands you and your emotions and guides you further in life. In the same way, you have to be a good listener as well and help your friend. 


Another salient feature of a good friendship is that you accept each other the way you both are. If you are good friends of each other, you do not need to pretend to get accepted by each other. The essence of friendship is in being real with each other. 

Honesty And Trustworthy

These two elements are interrelated to each other and essential in any form of relationship. One cannot trust anybody in present times. We only trust our good friends, and trust builds up when there is honesty in relationships. 


A great bond of friendship lies in respecting each other. If you both are true friends, you respect each other’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Good friends value each other’s presence and never take each other for granted. 

Mirror To Each Other

Best buddies are not just to share a laugh or for the party all night, but to keep each other’s snobbish behavior in check. At times we may become arrogant in such times, it is important to have a friend who can keep us humble and show us the reality of life. If someone is your good friend, then he/she will keep showing you the mirror o that you don’t consider yourself superior to others. 

Sharing Happiness 

Nowadays, it is hard to find people who get happy in your happiness. Only your best mates enjoy it when you are happy. If you have someone who finds joy in your achievements and gets upset when you are sad, then that person is a gem of your life; never lose them.

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