How does your company influence your growth and success




Your circle of friends reveals a lot about you. They have a significant impact on how you feel, think, and act. Every one of us has that one friend who brings out the best (or worst) in us. But have you ever thought about how the people in your life influence your behavior outside of their friendship?


No matter how smart and sharp-brained you are, you will be vanished if you are in the wrong company. Similarly, if you have any bad qualities but people around you are good, your bad ones may be transformed into good ones. Even many Philosophers and Sages have commented on how a company can impact your life.    

According to Robin Sharma

Only connect with good, focused people you can learn from and who will not drain your precious energy with negative attitudes. You'll have plenty of company on your way to the top of whatever mountain you choose to climb if you form relationships with people who are committed to continuous progress and the pursuit of the finest that life has to offer." 

One of the prominent Indian philosophers, Kabira, said that -

The way weevils are milled with barley, sometimes, being in a bad company makes us entitled to punishment without committing any crime.

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Reasons Why You Should Be Selective About Who You Associate With

We generally believe that self-control comes from our inner self; however, many of our actions are dependent on our friends and family just as much as they are on ourselves. Those we associate with have the ability to make us fatter, drink more alcohol, care less about the environment. If you have trouble resisting temptation, surround yourself with people who have a strong sense of self-control. When people lack self-control, they seek out self-disciplined people to help them. Because self-control is so important for achieving long-term goals, making friends with those who have it could be the key to success. Spending time with a disciplined friend can help you stay motivated to maintain good behaviors, whether you're tempted to skip that gym session, or you're thinking about blowing this month's budget.

Friends have an impact on one another's personal tastes and lives. When friends listen to music together and see each other's attire or home design, their tastes can rub off. This influence could be minor, but it could have a major impact. It can, for example, influence how you spend your money, influencing whether you buy more goods, take more holidays, or save for a rainy day. It can also influence how you spend your time, such as whether you prefer to spend more time relaxing with a glass of wine or doing humanitarian work. Friends can also have an impact on each other's lifestyles, such as eating habits and how much exercise they prioritize. Such choices can have a direct impact on your health and happiness.


Many studies have demonstrated that supportive friends and family persons are less stressed and physically healthier. Strong social connections generally extend people's lifespan.
Because your friendships affect you in so many different ways, it's critical to choose friends carefully. Does this person possess the attributes you seek in a friend? What impact do you think they'll have on you in the next 2 to 4 years? Is that, therefore, where you want to be? So, when you're planning a get-together with pals, think about whether those are the kinds of friendships you want to cultivate in the future.

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