Friendship vs. Love: What are signs to distinguish each one

People frequently struggle to define their feelings of love and friendship for a certain individual. Although the two feelings are distinct, it might be difficult to distinguish between them or to confirm one's exact feelings toward the other. Love and friendship are two powerful emotions that are both similar in somewhat nature. Maybe you have love feelings for your friend, or maybe you just want to be friends with her or him. It's difficult to discern the difference between the two when you don't know what to look for.

Feelings are present and strong in all relationships, whether friendship or love. You adore this person and want to spend as much time as possible with them in order to maintain a strong bond. But where do you draw the line between friendship and love?

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Defining Friendship and Love

Many people are unfamiliar with the terms friendship and love; however, they are synonymous. It is necessary to distinguish between the two. Let's take a quick look at some of the points which gives you a clear understanding of them- 

Love is an emotional bond formed between only two people, while friendship is primarily a trusting relationship between two or more people.

In a romantic relationship, commitment is crucial. You and your partner share a common objective and wish to work together to achieve it, while commitment isn't required for a strong friendship. Some pals have completely different lives yet still communicate and check-up with one another.

In friendship, if some of your friends care less about you or praise the beauty or smartness of your other friend, you won't be jealous because that means jealousy doesn't exist among friends, while if you talk about love, jealousy exists too in a strong way. 

How To Recognize Someone Is Your Friend Or Lover

We have seen many cases where people initially start as a friend but later, that relationship changes into a love or romantic relationship. Although it is best recommended that before being a good lover you have to be best friends. 

  • If you want to find out whether your friend has a romantic interest in you, then the first step is to study his/her level of eye contact. The person who is in love with you feels uncomfortable making eye contact. Always try to watch how that person looks at you. If he/she continuously stares at you, then definitely something is there in his/her heart for you. 
  • Check to see if he/she or you appear to be envious. Jealousy might indicate that someone cares about you in a different way that a buddy does not. If you have genuine friends, they will not be jealous as they want your happiness. Jealousy, on the other hand, could indicate that the affection you have for someone is unrequited or unreturned.
  • Examine the person's behavior. Is there anyone that tries to spend time with you alone? If that's the case, they have a crush. However, if they exclusively communicate with you through a larger circle of shared friends or are already engaged, they're probably just really nice friends. 
  • Your friends will never be nervous or uncomfortable around you, no matter which condition you are in. If you find someone who is flustered while facing you, that might be your potential crush. For example, you are having a pool party with your friends, and any guy/girl in your group acts flustered by seeing your bare body. 

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Both a lover and friends are vital components of one's life and are extremely valuable. Emotional stability is vital in life since it allows you to live a more relaxed and pleasant existence. Relationships in your life are vital to your social development and have a significant impact on your personality and evolution.