Can a girl and boy be best friends only?

Can a girl and boy be best friends only? I am sure you have heard this question your whole life. But there is no definite answer to this question yet. There are long-standing girl-boy friendships, and then there are those who fall in love with each other as well. Therefore, today we are going to tell you the hints that will help you to find out whether your best friend is interested in you or not. 

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Hints To Find Out Whether Your Best Friend Is Interested In You Or Not

Your friend circle call you guys as a couple 

Whether you know it or not, people around you get a good idea beforehand. Before you announce it officially, your friends start teasing you by calling you love-birds or with other names made for couples. Even the acquaintance also notices that there is chemistry between you both. So, if you want to know whether your best buddy loves you or not, be watchful for the reactions of people around you. 

Your friend always make time for you 

Though our friends are always ready to help us in most situations, however, if someone is interested in you and loves you more than a friend, he/she will make time for you. Just to be with you, that person will clear up his/her busy schedule as well. Also, if you are facing any emotional turmoil, then he/she will make sure to support you completely, make efforts to cheer you up, and won’t judge you at all. By this, you might get a clear hint that you both are not just mere friends but sharing a bond of love with each other. 

They remember every small detail about you 

No friend can be a good observant about you. Only lovers remember every small thing about each other, from what you like the most to what hurts you the most. If the other person loves you and wants to take the friendship to the next level, he/she will remember all the trivial as well as nitty-gritty things related to you. You can also notice such signs quite easily as well. 

Always try to impress you

If your best friend is interested in you romantically, then he/she will make all the efforts to impress you. They gear up the level of humor and try to make you laugh when around you. Also, in order to show his/her love for you, your friend will dress to impress you. They go to an extent where they start loving the things you like just to keep you happy and make a pleasant impression on you. 

Surprise you often

Other than your birthdays, friends do not surprise you in every meeting. But if a person is interested more in forming a romantic relationship with you, he/she will never fail to surprise you in every meet-up. From your favorite flowers to cute gifts, they bring everything you like to have. 

So these are the top 5 obvious signs that your friend is interested in you romantically. And one more thing, if your friend loves you, then at the end he/she will confess it openly to you. Till then, try to guess it with their subtle actions and things he/she does for you.

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