How Smart Are you?

Often high IQ is considered equal to intelligence or smartness, but that is not the complete truth. In fact, IQ is just a parameter to judge smartness, but not the only way to classify someone as smart. You frequently meet people who are quick in solving math problems or have knowledge of various topics. But does that make them smart and others less smart? Not likely. If we go by expert opinions, they believe that there are smart people in the world without the aforementioned qualities. 

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So, if you are among those who underestimate your smartness, then we are here to enlighten you and show you the smart qualities that you may possess yet are unaware of. 

Top 4 Hidden Smart Qualities 


One of the least considered qualities is Creativity. Most of the time, people, while judging your intelligence, neglect the level of creativity you hold. There are people in the world who are more creative yet have no idea how to find the value of X or don’t know the name of the president of some ABC country. However, their smartness lies within their imaginative ideas and artistry. Creative individuals are more flexible and have out-of-the-box thinking. These are the people who can do a quick shift in their thinking and bring ideas to solve the problems easily. If you are creative, believe us, it is a sign of your smartness.


If you are curious, then feel blessed. This quality helps you to be extraordinary from the rest of the crowd. People with curiosity are always ready to learn more and new things in life. Though they commit mistakes often, that is a part of learning. These people are more intellectual and often invest time in finding or discovering new ideas and the growth of their minds. 

Going in for Perfection

We all know and agree that perfection is not innate, rather achieved with persistent efforts. If you are failing while achieving your goals, still making a constant for it, then you are a smart one. A lot of people get satisfied with minimalistic results as well. But, those who want to achieve perfection never settle for less. In your journey to achieve perfection, you will gradually witness small improvements in the work you are doing. This is what makes you more wise and different from ordinary people. 

Accepting Criticism

Criticism is a ladder to achieve excellence in life. Often people are bad at accepting criticism. They took it so negatively that they generated resentment towards the person who criticized

them. However, smart people are good at taking criticism. They take it as an opportunity to find their loopholes and improve in their life. Therefore, if you are the one who can handle the criticism well, then you are already smarter than 70 percent of the population.

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