Pros And Cons Of Online friendship

Nowadays making and meeting new friends is not very difficult. Thanks to the internet that has changed the concept of friendship as well. Gone are the days when friendship happened through real meetings. Now in the social age, people are meeting on social media. We all might have witnessed how we are making more friends on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc than in reality. But whether an online friendship is a legitimate one is still in question. There are different opinions from different people; some believe it is good while others still believe in finding real ones. 

So, to end this debate we have come up with the pros and cons of online friendship. It is better to look at both sides of a coin to know which one is better.

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Pros of Online Friendship

Friendship at the global level

Online friendship paves the way for knowing people across the globe. People from different nations are easily talking to each other over various platforms. This helps in understanding different cultures, trades, and ideologies.

Easy To Initiate Conversations

No need for a conversation starter pack in online friendship. On social media, even introverts and shy people are comfortable talking to new people. They can reply to them at their own pace, without the fear of being judged. Even if they get tired or feel comfort issues, ending friendship won’t harm mental peace much.


It may sound a bit weird but online friendship is less time-consuming. You just need online video meetings to see and talk to each other. Moreover, you don't need to wear impressive clothes all the time.

Cons Of Online Friendship

No Real Life Meetings

Sometimes, we need a human touch to share our emotions in life. A hug from a friend can make us feel relaxed. In online friendships, we cannot meet them in real life, thus, we fail to connect on an emotional level that much.

Chances of Miscommunication

Have you ever realized how body language plays an important role while interacting? You might have skipped the role of your body language in communication but it really makes an impact in making good communication. However, while talking to an online friend all you can send is emoticons along with words. No real appearance, no body language can be observed. Such things lead to miscommunication and break the bond.

Losing Real Friends

There are chances of addiction in online friendships. You might get so engrossed with online friends that you might fail to realize that you have real-life friends too. It happens with a lot of people that with online fun they forget their original friends who were there with them when no one was there. 

Now moving towards the conclusion of this never-ending debate. Online friendship is fun and entertaining. However, at the same time, it has disadvantages too. You cannot rely on online friends who cannot support you in your tough times. Yes, they are there when you are getting bored or feeling the need to talk to someone. But they cannot replace real friends.

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